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A Powerful Payroll and Tax Management System

Flexible, Scalable, and Reliable

Evolution Payroll is a SaaS-based payroll and tax management system that provides features, flexibility, and best practices to handle nearly every type of payroll, regardless of complexity or uniqueness.

With easy navigation to key functions and a robust employee module, Evolution Payroll helps your business with productivity, accuracy, and control.

Whether it’s a simple payroll for a small company or a complex payroll for a large company with multiple locations, Evolution Payroll can handle nearly every type of payroll. Evolution can support payroll entries from employers anywhere with Internet access via Evolution’s proprietary SaaS-based system. It is also easy to accommodate payroll and reconciliation for any company structure with Evolution’s Client, Company, and Organization level setup.

Beyond paying employees, keeping up with the ever-changing federal, state, and local payroll taxes can be a complex and time-consuming task, but with Evolution Payroll, you and your clients can rest assured their business will remain in compliance. You can rely on Evolution Payroll’s tax management engine and our tax professionals’ research to maintain federal, state, and local tax rates, tax brackets, and statutory limits, so you can concentrate on growing your business. No need to license a separate tax management engine with Evolution’s fully embedded tax management software.

Evolution’s Employee Portal is available for your clients that choose Evolution Payroll only, without Advanced HR. It allows employees to update personal information, view time off accruals, and send requests for time off from their workstations or mobile devices. Notifications are sent to managers alerting them of any new requests or changes.

Employees can also access pay data, view and print paystubs, and W-2s; a real time-saver at tax time! When your client is looking to do more with less to remain competitive, their employees will appreciate the efficiency of Evolution’s Employee Portal. Managers can review and approve employee data changes and time off requests online and can post company-wide announcements and important information for employees to see when they log in.

Evolution HCM has complete ACA functionality to help you and your clients assess and report on employees’ eligibility through its full suite of ACA tools. Our ACA reports make it easy to gauge the impact ACA will have on a business.

In addition to Forms 1094 and 1095 B and C, Evolution HCM offers several reports to help ensure that your clients’ business is up-to-date with ACA requirements.  These reports include: ACA Full Time Eligibility (FTE) Report, ACA Eligibility Report, Rule of Parity and Inactive Employee Report, ACA 1095 Edit Report, ACA 1095 Preview Report, ACA Affordability Report, ACA Status Audit Report.

Evolution Payroll Features

Evolution Payroll

Employee Portal

Affordable Care Act

66% of Americans would experience financial hardship if their paycheck were delayed by one week.

Small businesses have generated 60-80% of all new jobs since 1995 and currently pay about 44% of the countries payroll.

There are 156 million wage earners in the US today. Through the payroll system, they contribute, collect, report and deposit approximately $2.08 trillion or 68% of the
annual revenue 
of the US Treasury.

70% of all small businesses are owned and operated by a single person.

"Evolution Payroll captures the next generation look, feel, and functionality."

-Jim Kapolas, Payville USA

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